Why You Need to Upsell Your Commercial Lawn & Landscape Services to Make More Money

The answer you’ve been looking for to increase profitability in your commercial lawn maintenance company is simple. Upsell your services.

Why upselling?

Because you’ll stay ahead of your competition and you’ll make more money for your company. Most landscaping businesses upsell their services because they want to increase their bottom line.

Why You Need to Upsell Your Lawn and Landscaping Services to Make More Money

If you want to grow your commercial lawn and landscaping business, you must sell your pricier services to your customers. Here are five ways for discovering who your target customers are for selling higher-end landscape enhancements:

Have a base lawn and landscape service that you provide for your commercial clients, such as mowing and pruning services.

Develop a niche in services that you can upsell. Consider specializing in pergolas and patios, for instance.

Identify the right commercial clients to target for landscape enhancement upsells. Learn everything you can about them—their property needs, estimated budget, and customers’ needs.

Questions to ask yourself and your sales team:

  • Where are the target clients located in our service area?
  • What types of landscape enhancements do they want?
  • How many times per year do they need these landscaping services?

  • It will be trial and error as well as it’ll take time to know which commercial clients make the perfect candidates for pitching your higher quality products and services.

    Consider investing in automation software with CRM to track the customers who want or buy landscape enhancements. Automation software geared to the commercial lawn and landscaping industry simplifies your core product sales and gateway services.

    Earn the trust of your higher-spending customers. When your commercial clients trust you, they’re more willing to spend their dollars on your professional landscaping.

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    How to Increase Your Profits through Upselling

    You’ll find success and save money when you upsell your current customers instead of trying to land new commercial clients. 

    Remember, it’s all in the know, like, and trust trifecta: If you take the time to get to know your current customers, they’ll like you because you deliver quality work and have outstanding customer service. Then your clients will trust you when they spend more money on your other services.

    You also should want to truly enrich a customer’s property—not only sell your goods and services. So, for example, if you’re passionate about plant health and desire your client’s lot to look cleaner with pruned shrubs, upsell those landscaping services.

    You want to do more than mowing and blowing a commercial property. Instead, you want to become a property management company that completely handles all commercial lawn and landscape needs for your customer.

    Here are six landscape enhancements that add a higher value for your commercial customers:

  • Hardscapes, such as a patio with a pergola or a pavilion

  • Plant health care including bed maintenance, mulching, pruning, plant installation, and seasonal color

  • Four season property management to include lawn maintenance, landscaping, mowing, and snow removal services

  • Lawn care services, such as aeration, fertilization, overseeding, or sodding

  • Water feature installations that welcome visitors, customers, patients, or tenants

  • Irrigation installation and maintenance services.

    Here are five ways for developing your commercial landscaping service’s know, like, and trust factor:

    Coach your staff and crews to make upselling lawn maintenance services a regular habit. For example, suppose your technicians see a problem while out in the field. Encourage them to snap a photo to send to your sales team.

    You can sweeten the deal with your crews by adding incentives, such as gift cards or a bonus for sending in leads.

    Offer your customers a percentage off any landscaping enhancements they purchase beyond the essential services you already provide them. A small discount creates the perception that you have their best property needs in mind.

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    Drive around your service area looking for HOAs, POAs, and other commercial properties that need landscape enhancements. Conversely, you can spot other commercial properties that need your primary services and may, in the future, invest in your higher-end products.

    Encourage your current customers to give referrals to their associates for landscape enhancements. Additionally, you can provide referral incentives to your clients who introduce you to other property managers.

    Walk your commercial client’s property, taking notes or photos of areas that you can improve. Then, schedule a time with your customer to walk their property with them. 

    Get to know your customer and be genuinely interested in how you can help them. Remember to look for ways to make the property manager’s life easier by improving their customers’ lives.

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