How to Thank Your Employees without Using Raises or Bonuses

Happy employees are a great asset to any company. When employees are happy, they tend to work harder and perform better, which in turn makes your customers happier too. As a boss, how can you keep your employees happy? One of the best ways is to show your gratitude for their hard work. And while raises and bonuses are great incentives, employees also appreciate additional forms of gratitude from their employers besides cash. Take a look at some helpful ideas. 

Arrange employees’ schedules to accommodate their lifestyles or personal needs

A good boss understands his or her employees and regards them as people who have needs outside the office. Whether they need to care for elders at home or pick up their kids from school, allowing for flexible scheduling to accommodate these needs can go a long way in letting them know you appreciate what they do for the company. These types of things may seem negligible, but they matter. 

Buy them some snacks

The simple act of providing snacks for your employees as recognition for working hard each day is another excellent way to show your appreciation for their hard work. Let them take a break from their tasks for a few minutes so they can take a break with a snack. It won’t cost a lot, and it will go a long way. 

Reward employees with stickers from the dollar store

Here at MowMore, we practice recognizing our employees’ hard work by giving each of them a star sticker. When we see our workers doing a great job with their tasks, we provide them with a star sticker. If they go above and beyond, they get a gold star. They can put their stickers on their desk computers or hard hats. These are great reminders of how their efforts are recognized.

Buy them lottery tickets

If you can spare a dollar per employee, perhaps you can buy each of them a lottery ticket. Just be sure not to buy the ones that can win the million-dollar prize, or you might lose that employee if he or she wins! 

Celebrate random holidays

Another practice we like to do here at MowMore is celebrating odd holidays. For example, holidays like “Donut Day” or “Ice Cream Day” are days you can celebrate in your office too. We have an ice cream truck on site so our employees can get the ice cream flavor of their choice for free. You can do the same!

Provide professional massages

Another way to help your employees feel good after a long day is by providing them with an opportunity for some quality relaxation time. Bringing in a professional massage therapist to offer massages to your staff can be an inexpensive yet effective means of reducing their stress and increasing overall wellness. Wouldn’t it be cool if your employees could enjoy a 20-minute massage during work hours and get paid at the same time?

Try the “Biggest Loser” challenge

Holding contests and competitions is also a great way to show employee appreciation. Here at MowMore, we had our own “Biggest Loser Challenge,” where the person who lost the most significant percentage of weight won a prize. Your prize can be something as simple as a hard hat with the company’s logo or an extended lunch break. Feel free to think outside the box and be creative!

Have an artist come in and draw portraits of your employees

Have you ever considered hiring someone to draw individual portraits of your valued employees? If you haven’t, this is another great idea to explore. Your employees can have fun hanging their portraits anywhere around your office or shop or even in a spot where they’re visible to customers. 

Cook a meal for your employees

Everybody loves to eat a home-cooked meal. Making a meal for your employees will make them feel valued. Why not dedicate some of your time to cook for your employees? Whether you make something simple like tacos and grilled burgers, or something special like a turkey dinner, great food is a surefire way to show your appreciation for your employees!

Host a cook-off competition

Do you happen to have any team members who are skilled chefs? Why not hold a cook-off competition between bosses and employees? This is a great way to make the work environment more fun for everyone. Not only is a cook-off a good way to enjoy a great meal, but it’s also a great way to boost company morale!  

Our job as owners and managers is to identify any problems or issues and solve them. But we also needn’t forget the importance of recognizing all of the good things that our employees are doing. Make an effort to take notice of your employees’ hard work, especially when they go above and beyond. When you show your employees that you appreciate them, they’re more likely to work harder for you! 

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