How to Improve Customer Service for your Commercial Landscaping Business

Other than the quality of products and services, think about another critical factor that makes you patronize a business. For many people, it would be customer service. Providing excellent customer service is one of the key components to any successful business. The same applies to your commercial landscaping business. If there's one thing that differentiates a successful commercial landscaping business from others that struggle to stay afloat, it is the quality of customer service. When you provide exceptional, friendly, and professional customer service to your customers, they are more likely to return.

Establishing a positive reputation among your customers can take some time. Here are eight tips to help you improve your landscaping business’s customer service.

1. Always be professional and personable.

Regardless of the situation, it is best to keep a positive attitude and be personable with your clients. Also remain friendly and approachable. Your customers may want to connect with you on a more personal level. This is especially true if they opt for your commercial landscaping business over the competition. If your clients can build a trusting relationship with you, they are more likely to refer their friends or family to you, as well.

2. Be easy to reach.

Provide customers with an easy method to contact you with any of their questions or concerns. Whether you choose to use phone or email, make sure that your customers are able to reach you with ease. This will reinforce positive thoughts about your business in their minds, as they know that they can communicate with you and depend on you.

3. Set the expectations of each job early.

Before starting any landscaping job, retail landscape employees need to take the time to explain the process and review what each customer can expect. They should also be kept up-to-date of the progress of each job. Likewise, feel comfortable asking questions as necessary.

4. Be honest and open about your pricing.

Customers need to know that they are getting a fair price for your services. They will also want details and a breakdown in detail about each item and services that are part of the overall cost of the job. This is where the essence of honesty about your prices comes in. Customers should neither feel deceit nor have doubts about whether they're getting a fair price. Be sure that all costs are clear to win your customers' trust every time.

5. Give landscaping advice when needed.

Customers may be looking for advice and assistance when it comes to making decisions from time to time. Don't be afraid to offer expert tips or input on any commercial landscaping projects you’re working on. Offering suggestions demonstrates your expertise. This will also show that you care about the quality of the results of each project.

6. Listen before providing solutions.

Taking the time to listen to your customers’ concerns is important if you intend to provide top-notch service that meets their needs. Don’t interrupt while they are speaking, and take note of what they have to say. Your customers want landscaping experts who truly listen. When they feel like they can trust you, they will be more likely to refer you to their friends or family members. This is good for your business, and for its overall success.

7. Follow up after each job is done.

Once each job is complete, make sure that you contact the customer to review how well the outcome meets their needs. Determine if there is anything you can do to improve your service in the future. This shows your customers that you value customer satisfaction and the quality of the results you deliver.

8. Make sure your employees are landscaping experts.

It’s vital that each of your employees has the necessary training in the area of commercial landscaping. Your workers should be able to carry out various services in a professional and customer-centric manner. This will also help to instill trust in your business.

A good customer experience is vital to the success of your commercial landscaping business. Follow these tips and show your customers that you can deliver results that will make them happy. This will make them more likely to refer others to your company in the future.

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Lawn care business

Lawn care business

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Eve Mitchell

Eve Mitchell

Thanks for mentioning that landscapers can also help the customer make decisions. I have a small office building and I would like to improve the curb appeal by adding some flower beds. I’ll have to reach out to a landscaper this week to figure out how much that would cost.

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