6 Tips For Commercial Property Landscaping Maintenance

Proper care and maintenance of commercial properties is a vital component of any landscaping business. It’s important to note that commercial property landscaping maintenance is about more than just mowing, edging, and trimming. In addition to enhancing the appearance of each space, it also involves careful planning for the space’s function, style, and long-term viability. If you’re a commercial property manager, read on for some helpful tips to help you keep your properties looking great.


The most basic component of commercial property landscaping maintenance is mowing. A commercial lawn needs to be cut regularly to maintain its health and promote new growth. How frequently you mow depends on how fast your grass tends to grow. It also depends on what type of lawn you have. It’s recommended to cut your grass at a level that is above the maximum height recommended for your particular turf type.

Commercial property lawns may be cut as often as two to three times in a single week in high-use areas. Less frequently maintained commercial lawns might only need a trim every few weeks, or even once a month, in lower traffic areas.


Edging involves cutting the edges around your landscape’s lawn, flower beds, sidewalks, and roads. It’s important to keep a smooth and consistent edge around your commercial property. This will ensure that everything looks neat and organized. Edging will also help to prevent weeds from growing around your landscaping structures, and reduce soil erosion by reducing hard lines in your landscaping design.

There are several commercial edgers on the market that can give you a clean edge for your space. Using a reel mower is one option, and is particularly helpful for commercial property lawns. A rotary mower is also a common choice for edging this type of landscape because it’s fast and effective at creating a line against which you can trim or cut the grass.

Trimming and Pruning

When you’re maintaining a commercial landscape, trimming and pruning your shrubs and bushes is important. It’s recommended to keep commercial shrubbery trimmed and remove dead foliage, encourage bushy growth, promote flowering, and provide much-needed airflow. Tree pruning is also necessary so your trees don’t become overgrown or out of shape. This is an especially important step in the case of damaged branches or an obstructed view of the commercial property.

The best way to tackle pruning depends on the type of trees you have growing on your commercial property. Some trees, such as maples, generally grow upward. However, other types of trees, like willows, tend to grow more horizontally. It’s important to prune your trees in a way that helps to strike a balance between your property’s  landscaping design and the health of your trees.

Landscape Cleaning

Keeping your commercial property landscape clean and neat is just as important, if not more so, than any other maintenance task. Maintaining your space takes time and effort every day. However, it becomes much easier when you keep up with cleaning on a consistent basis. Leaf blowers can be used to remove fallen leaves and debris from hard-surface spaces like sidewalks or roads around your property. There are also brush cutters available to help you remove tall grass or bushes along fences, walls, or that may block your building entrance.

It’s important to maintain consistency across all of your commercial spaces. Ensure that your lawns are all kept neat and clean so you can be sure that your landscaping design has a professional appearance.

Weed Control

Weed control is another important aspect of maintaining your commercial property landscape. Weeds will grow even if you can’t see them. When weeds are allowed to grow freely, they can cause problems for your sprinkler and irrigation systems, damage landscapes, promote grass disease, and even completely take over your property! Use weed control products regularly to prevent these types of issues from becoming a problem.


Fertilizing your lawn is another key step when it comes to keeping your grass healthy and green. Lawns need to be fertilized in order to grow thick and strong. This is especially crucial during the summer time when lawns are constantly growing due to the extended hours of sunlight exposure.

Commercial fertilizers usually come in bagged or boxed forms that can easily be transported around your property for quick application. They're also available with slow-release granules for less frequent applications throughout your seasons. 

Keeping your commercial property landscaping maintained since each space is a major investment. At MowMore, we can help professional landscapers like you by offering quality products and personalized service at competitive pricing. Visit our website to learn more!


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