7 Tips for Upselling Your Lawn Care Services

Statistics tell us that it is five times more expensive to acquire new customers for your lawn care business than to retain your current client base. 

So if you're not putting effort into keeping your current patrons satisfied, you are missing out on significant opportunities to gain a profit. Here's a list of ideas that can help you upsell your landscaping and lawn care services.

Schedule an inspection

Conducting an inspection is one of the best ways to upsell. Schedule an inspection with your customer, and spend time on their property. While you’re there, you can check for additional services that your customer may need.

The frequency of your inspections is ultimately the decision of your customer. For example, a commercial client might require weekly visits, while a residential client may require less.

The purpose of regular inspections is to build a stronger relationship with customers. Over time, they will see the value in the time you spend carefully looking at their property. It allows for opportunities for additional follow-through on top of the original services they have requested.

Make your services known

Do not assume that your customers are aware of all the services your company provides. Don't expect that they are educating themselves about the types of work you provide on your website.

Here's a good practice: Let's say you've just completed a sod installation. Make it a point to tell your client that your company can do maintenance as well.

Publish case studies and articles on your blog

Publishing blog entries can increase your chances of people finding your website on the internet. In addition to being more visible online, you are also establishing yourself as an expert and source of credibility in the fields of lawn care and landscaping when people read about your projects and articles. 

Show customers that you're the expert

Your existing clients may not be aware of what you're publishing on the internet. Look for opportunities to show them that you're an expert in your field.

Remember that it's not enough just to tell your customers what you can do for them. Show your clients what your business is capable of, and why they should choose your company among a sea of other local lawn care service providers.

Do you notice a spot in their garden that may need flower beds? Let your customer know. Impress them with before-and-after photos from one of your previous projects.

Create exclusive offers

Providing exclusive offers is a great way to attract customers who may be interested in exploring your other services. Create a win-win situation by informing them about special offers. 

When your team members are already on-site and they notice that extra work may be necessary, let your customers know that they can get an additional service for a reduced price. If you've just finished an installation, invite them to sign up for regular maintenance, which they can get at the best price only from you.

When you offer a discount for future services, you encourage clients to purchase more services from you. And when they are satisfied with your work, they are more likely to tell their relatives and friends about your company!

Follow up with previous customers

Sometimes, all you need to do is take a look at a list of your old leads to acquire a new set of contracts. When you approach these clients, you don't have to present a proposal. You can keep it to just a quick conversation. For example, you may check up on a previous maintenance contract. If that customer has subsequently hired another company and was unsatisfied with their work, chances are that they'll want your services back.

Give incentives to your employees

Involve every single employee at your company in your efforts to secure more contracts. Give your staff members bonuses each time they successfully acquire new customers.

Although they may not be specially trained to make sales for your company, it’s beneficial to take advantage of their presence on your client's property. Ask them to observe the lawn, look for opportunities to gain more contracts, and discuss what they found out with you. From there, you can let your sales team do the rest of the work.


The Bottom Line

Don't ever think that you are doing a disservice to your customers when offering an upsell. It's actually the other way around. When your clients see that you genuinely care about their property and then witness how excellent your service is, they'll appreciate it.

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