8 Offline Lawn Care Marketing Strategies to Help You Acquire Clients Fast

An excellent way to increase your customer base rapidly is to take advantage of both offline and online marketing channels. Going digital is a convenient and cost-efficient way of marketing your business online. However, traditional methods also offer benefits, as they are more concrete and enable you to promote in a particular vicinity. Here are some of the best offline lawn care marketing strategies to efficiently promote your services:

Lawn care flyers

Flyers are one of the most simple yet effective strategies to help you quickly attract new lawn care customers. Flyers display information about the services you offer and increase business awareness at the same time. 

Find a professional who can design an enticing flyer for your lawn care business. The best way to attract people's attention is by using bright colors. Also, be sure your flyers are printed on high quality paper.


Did you know that 71% of people look at billboard messages? Billboards are highly effective, especially when you're trying to target potential customers in a specific area. Don't miss this opportunity to market your business in your community.

When homeowners see your billboard during their daily commute, they will be able to recall your business more easily the next time they need lawn care services.

The two most important things when putting up a billboard ad are the location and the message. Include strong visuals that let people know that your company offers the best lawn care services in your area. Use a straightforward call to action.

Direct Mail

Direct mailers offer a more personalized touch than email marketing. Many people don't pay much attention to promotional emails, but if you send a colorful postcard including an easy-to-identify business name, recipients are more likely to notice it. We recommend incorporating the following aspects in order to draw the attention of potential clients:

  • High-quality paper
  • Colorful design
  • Glossy finish

You can use direct mailers to promote your special offer. Include some information about your services and include a message that gives potential clients a reason to contact you.

Join Local Trade Groups and Associations

A local trade association is an excellent setting in which to network your business. Look for local trade groups in your area via a Google search.

Your local Chamber of Commerce is an excellent place to start. Doing so will allow you to engage with other local business owners. Who knows, you might even score a commercial client or two! 

You can also use business networking websites (like meetup.com) to find out about entrepreneur-related events.


Your existing clients provide an excellent channel through which you can promote your business by word-of-mouth. Organize a referral program to expand your clientele.

Give discounts, rewards, and any other forms of incentives to clients who help you bring in new customers. 

Your customers have already seen your work. If they are satisfied with what you deliver, they can easily recommend you to their friends, family, and neighbors, especially if they can receive an incentive. They can even show off their lawn as proof of your excellent service.

Local TV and Radio Ads

Running your ads on local TV and radio are powerful offline lawn care marketing strategies. First of all, they will target a specific area. Secondly, an ad is well worth your money because local stations offer placements at affordable rates.

Aside from increasing awareness, you will gain access to potential customers who may not be as fond of using digital channels. Your competitors might even be ignoring this strategy because of the prominence of online advertising.

Newspaper and Magazine Ads

Among all print media, magazines deliver the highest return on investment. Using this channel will enable you to promote your business to a specific kind of audience. An efficient lawn care advertising strategy is to place ads in magazines that target homeowners.

Newspapers, on the other hand, are also an affordable channel for getting your print ads out. They offer the same benefits as local TV and radio stations, as we discussed above.

Engage with a professional designer who specializes in newspaper and magazine ads so that you can convey your message strongly.

Wrap your vehicle

A vehicle wrap is the equivalent of a mobile billboard. You can stand out from the competition by investing in a full-body vehicle wrap. This is one of our most highly recommended offline lawn care marketing strategies, if you have money to spend.

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