Veri Super Bump & Feed VP33-5 Trimmer Head | VP33-5

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  • Ariens BC350, BC400, TB220E, TB260
  • Arimitsu ACC:15/17, ACD:17/18, ACE30, ACZEK, AM16D, AM24D, AM31/K, AM40, AM50
  • Astron S150('86), S250('83 '84 '86), 256E, KFS4 Series, KFS12, KFS22, KFS24, P750, PK2400E, PK3300E
  • Green Machine GRX-525H, 1200, 1500, 1600, 1700, 1900, 1930, 1940, 1950, 2000, 2100, 2130, 2200, 2230, 2300, 2331, 2340, 2345, 2500/LP, 2510LP, 2540/LP, 2600, 2800, 2810, 2840, 2841, 2850, 3000/B/J/LP/M/SS, 3040M, 3050M, 3451, 3510, 3540, 3541, G2:A/C, GT20, GT21, GT22, GT25, GT31/B, GT35B, GT40B, GT41, SRM3000/LP/M/SS, SRM3040M
  • Homelite HK30 (AFTER 1/1/86)
  • Jonsered BIG RED 400, BP40/COMBI, BP2040, BR400, BR420, BR450, BR460, BR480, GR26D/L/COMBI, GR32L/CAT, GR41, GR44, GR2026CL/D, GR2032/D/L, GR2036, GT21L, GT22L, GT24L, J40D, LIT30, LR200, LR220/B/L, LR260/B/L, LR300, LR320, LR400, LR420, LR450, LR460, RID30, RS44, TIGER 40
  • Makita EM4251, RB251, RBC:221/230/251/252/255/260/261/281/310/311/321/410, RBK410, RST1250
  • Maruyama BC184/C, BC200/C, BC220DL, BC221DL, BC:201/230/241, BC260/C/H/CB, BC310, BC320/H, BC326, BC340DL, BC402, BC420H, BC500/H, BC:2300/2320/2600/2620/3020/3200/4200H, BCGX:22/31, BCL2250/C, BCL2550, BST23, MC8, MC-S
  • McCulloch MAC:22/23/30A, SUPERMAC:30AV,  DELTA, 38AV, MS:33/40, BP30AV, TD2400/3300/4000
  • Olympyk 433BP, 727:S/T, 733:S/T, 740:S/T, B200, B220/L/S, B260/L, B300, B320, B400, B420, B450, B460, OL8260:BAV/DAV/LAV/TA, OL8350:BAV/LAV, OL8405BP, OL8460BAV, OL8725:BAV/LAV, OL8726TA, OL8735:BAV/LAV, OL8740BAV, OL8742BAV, OL8746BAV, OL8750PRO, OL8753BAV, PRO38
  • Pioneer/Partner 200, 205, B180, B25, B250, B250C, B250V, SCC, SPARTAN, T250
  • RedMax BC17, BC23, BC32, BC220DL, BC221DL, BC240DL, BC225CL, BC254A, BC260:DM/DMU/DL, BC261DL, BC262DL, BC300DL, BC340DL, BC341DL, BC342DL, BC430DWM, BC2200:E/LDC, BC2301S, BC2600DL, BC2601S, BC3400:DL/DW, BC4400:DW/DWM/DL, BCD20, BCX2600:S/DS, BCZ2500:S/SW/BC, BK235FL, BK345FL, BK435FL, BK530DL, BT2200LDC,  DM340:DMW/FW, G2KC, MD431DWM, SGC2300DL, SGCX2600S
  • Shindaiwa 22T, B35, B40, B45, B450, BP35, C35, C350, RC45, T350, C20, C23, C25, C230/RX, C231, C242, C260, C261, C270, C2510, C3410, DYB:251/252/254/261/321/322, F18, F20, F230, LT18, M230, M231, M242, M2510, P18, P21, T18, T20/A, T25, T35, T230, T231, T242, T260, T261/B/RX/XB, T27, T270, T272/X, T282/X, T2500, T2510, T3410X, T300 
  • Stihl FS50/E/F, FS51/AVE, FS60, FS61/AE/E, FS65/AVE/AVRE, FS80:E/RE, FS83/R/RT, FS85:R/RT, FS86, FS90/AVE, FS91, FS96
  • Tanaka AST:210/250/7000, SUM3, SUM:250/301/321/351/400/421/500/7000, TBC SERIES: 162, 200ON, 205, 215, 218, 220/E/SS, 232, 233, 240, 250, 262, 265/SDH, 270PF, 300/SDH, 301, 321, 322, 325, 355/SDH, 373, 400, 420PF, 422/C/SDH, 425, 500/SDH, 501, 2000, 2100, 2110, 2200, 2211, 2510, 2800, 3010, 4500, 4501; TST:218/501
  • Windmill AM SERIES
  • Xenoa BC15, BCD, FBC12, FDC26
  • Yazoo TBC31, YBC:16/23/31



VP33-5 Semi-Automatic Super Bump & Feed Head includes adaptors to cover 95% of the most called for straight shaft trimmer applications

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