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VP33-3 Super Bump & Feed VP33 Trimmer Head
VP33-3 Super Bump & Feed VP33 Trimmer Head

VP33-3 Super Bump & Feed VP33 Trimmer Head

Product ID: VP33-3

VP33-ADU Semi-Automatic Super Bump & Feed Head includes adaptor to cover most straight shaft trimmer applications

Product Description

Veri trimmer head covers over 75% of the most popular straight shaft trimmer applications. Universal cam assembly requires less parts & allows for easier head assembly. Single spool feature allows for single or dual line indexing. Please check your Trimmer Heads Make and Model for correct application. Covers most of the same applications as the VP35-5 VP355

OEM Replacement Compatability Chart

  • Ariens BC350, BC400, TB220E, TB260
  • Arimitsu ACC:15/17, ACD:17/18, ACE30, ACZEK, AM16D, AM24D, AM31/K, AM40, AM50
  • Astron S250('88), 256E, KFS4 Series, KFS12, KFS22, KFS24, P750, PK2400E, PK3300E
  • Green Machine GRX-525H, 1200, 1500, 1600, 1700, 1900, 1930, 1940, 1950, 2000, 2100, 2130, 2200, 2230, 2300, 2331, 2340, 2345, 2500/LP, 2510LP, 2540/LP, 2600, 2800, 2810, 2840, 2841, 2850, 3000/B/J/LP/M/SS, 3040M, 3050M, 3451, 3510, 3540, 3541, G2:A/C, GT20, GT21, GT22, GT25, GT31/B, GT35B, GT40B, GT41, SRM3000/LP/M/SS, SRM3040M
  • Husqvarna 16R (Up to '86), 22R (Up go '86), 24R (after Ser.#603702), 25R (Up to '86), 25RL (after '86)
  • Homelite HK30 (AFTER 1/1/86)
  • Jonsered BIG RED 400, BP40/COMBI, BP2040, BR400, BR420, BR450, BR460, BR480, GR26D/L/COMBI, GR32L/CAT, GR41, GR44, GR2026CL/D, GR2032/D/L, GR2036, GT21L, GT22L, GT24L, J40D, LIT30, LR200, LR220/B/L, LR260/B/L, LR300, LR320, LR400, LR420, LR450, LR460, RID30, RS44, TIGER 40
  • Makita EM4251, RB251, RBC:221/230/251/252/255/260/261/281/310/311/321/410, RBK410, RST1250
  • Maruyama BC184/C, BC200/C, BC:201/230/241, BC260/C/H/CB, BC310, BC320/H, BC326, BC340DL, BC402, BC420H, BC500/H, BC:2300/2320/2600/2620/3020/3200/4200H, BCGX:22/31, BCL2250/C, BCL2550, BST23, MC8, MC-S
  • McCulloch MAC:22/23/30A, SUPERMAC:30AV,  DELTA, 38AV, MS:33/40, BP30AV, TD2400/3300/4000
  • Olympyk 433BP, 727:S/T, 733:S/T, 740:S/T, B200, B220/L/S, B260/L, B300, B320, B400, B420, B450, B460, OL8260:BAV/DAV/LAV/TA, OL8350:BAV/LAV, OL8405BP, OL8460BAV, OL8725:BAV/LAV, OL8726TA, OL8735:BAV/LAV, OL8740BAV, OL8742BAV, OL8746BAV, OL8750PRO, OL8753BAV, PRO38
  • Pioneer/Partner 200, 205, B180, B25, B250, B250C, B250V, SCC, SPARTAN, T250
  • RedMax  BC254A, BC260:DM/DMU/DL, BC261DL, BC262DL, BC340DL, BC341DL, BC342DL, BC430DWM, BC2200:E/LDC, BC2301S, BC2600DL, BC2601S, BC3400:DL/DW, BC4400:DW/DWM/DL, BCD20, BCX2600:S/DS, BCZ2500:S/SW/BC, BK435FL, BT2200LDC,  DM340:DMW/FW, G2KC, MD431DWM, SGC2300DL, SGCX2600S
  • Shindaiwa B35, B40, B45, B450, BP35, BP45, C27, C35, C350, RC45, T350, C20, C23, C25, C250, C260, C261, C270, C3410, DYB:251/252/254/261/321/322, F18, F20, F230, P18, P21, R20, R25, R35, T250, T260, T261/B/RX/XB, T27, T270, T272/X, T282/X, T3410X, T300 
  • Stihl FS50/E/F, FS51/AVE, FS60, FS61/AE/E, FS65/AVE/AVRE, FS80:E/RE, FS83/R/RT, FS85:R/RT, FS86, FS90/AVE, FS91, FS96
  • Tanaka AST:210/250/7000, SUM3, SUM:250/301/321/351/400/421/500/7000, TBC SERIES: 162, 200ON, 205, 215, 218, 220/E/SS, 232, 233, 240, 250, 262, 265/SDH, 270PF, 300/SDH, 301, 321, 322, 325, 355/SDH, 373, 400, 420PF, 422/C/SDH, 425, 500/SDH, 501, 2000, 2100, 2110, 2200, 2211, 2510, 2800, 3010, 4500, 4501; TST:218/501
  • Windmill AM SERIES
  • Xenoa BC15, FBC12, FDC26
  • Yazoo TBC31, YBC:16/23/31