Ignition and Spark Plug Tester to Test Electrical Ignitions and Spark Plugs | 7731

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The spark plug and ignition tester checks the integrity of the electrical ignition and magneto/coil ignition systems of lawnmowers and trimmers. The spark plug and ignition checks both current and voltage and will indicate fouled electrodes. The tester has easy view LED and neon lamps for accurate reading, is pocket size, and has a high impact plastic casing.



  • For commercial Lawn Mowers
  • Boat/Marine motors
  • Motorcycles
  • Automobiles


  • Checks both current and voltage and will indicate fouled electrodes.
  • Used on lawnmowers, boat motors, motorcycles and automobiles.
  • E-Z view LED and neon lamps for easy accurate reading.
  • High impact ABDS plastic coating

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