Tricks & Tips for Leaf Removal this Fall

As the fall season descends upon us, landscapers are gearing up for the annual tedious task of leaf cleanup. Whether tending to a small suburban yard or a large commercial property, choosing the right tools and techniques is key to maintaining your clients' lush, green lawn next season.



  1. Timeless Rake for Small Yards: For smaller properties with minimal leaf coverage, the timeless classic, the rake, remains a reliable choice. Raking leaves into neat piles allows for straightforward collection and disposal. It offers a hands-on approach and provides an excellent physical workout in the crisp fall weather. Pro-tip: Pick up a new pair of MowMore gloves to protect your hands!
  2. Leaf Blower for medium-sized yards. A high-powered leaf blower can swiftly corral leaves into manageable piles for easy collection. Pro-tip:  Start your project after a few days of rain-free weather. Ensure the leaves are dry before collecting, allowing the blower to function at its fullest potential to save time and energy.
  • Bagging system for large yards: Large yards present a different set of challenges. When a leaf blower or rake is not enough, attaching a bagging system to your mower may be the best option. A bagging system connected to your lawn mower streamlines the process and allows you to tackle leaves while mowing the grass, optimizing your time and efforts. When using a bagging system, be prepared for regular stops to empty the bags. Leaves tend to clump and occupy more space than shredded grass. While the process is convenient, it may require some extra effort. Pro-Tip: Mulching leaves is an effective way to enhance soil by returning valuable nutrients to the earth. Shred the leaf pile, lightly moisten them and add grass or pine straw to create a nitrogen-enriched fertilizer.

The choice of leaf cleanup method depends on the scale of the job and your company's equipment and manpower. Whether you prefer the traditional charm of raking or the efficiency of a leaf blower or bagging system, a well-executed leaf cleanup will leave your clients with a beautifully maintained yard. 

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