Lawn Mower Repair:  6 Tips for Fixing Common Problems

Knowing a few basics about lawn mower repair can save you tons of money in the long run. When you know how to fix your own machine, you’ll be more able to maintain the pristine look of your garden. In this post, we will discuss some of the more common problems that can occur with lawn mowers, and provide you with tips for how to solve them.

DIY Lawn Mower Repair: 6 Common Problems and Their Solutions

Your lawn mower won’t start

If your lawn mower won’t doesn't start, it may be due to any of the following problems:

Fuel. Check if your lawn mower has enough fuel. Also, make sure your gas isn't more than 30 days old. Remove any remaining old fuel, then clean your carburetor.

Gas tank. Check your tank for any leakage. Seal those leaks if you can. Otherwise, you’ll need to buy replacement parts.

Battery. Mowers depend on batteries, just like cars. A time will come when your battery will wear out, and will therefore require a replacement. Remember that your battery's ability to charge decreases over time.

Air filters. When air filters are full of dirt, it prevents proper smooth airflow inside your machine. Because of this, your lawn mower may not start. Clean your air filter by removing all of the debris build-up. You might have to consider replacing it if it's too damaged.

Spark plugs. Another common culprit behind that can cause your lawn mower not to start are the spark plugs. Are they disconnected, loose, or dirty? Ensure that they are firmly affixed and clean before you start your lawn mower.

You can't shut down your lawn mower without detaching the spark plug

A lawn mower that isn’t working properly is a headache. It can be even more frustrating if it doesn't shut down unless you pull out the spark plug. There are two common reasons for this problem:

First, check if the ground wire is disconnected. Ensure that it is intact and still connected.

Second, look for any worn-out ignition switch connections. If you have an ohmmeter, use it to determine if the "B" and "S" connection terminals are active. If they’re no longer working, they will need to be replaced. 

Once you fix these problems, your mower should work properly again.

Your lawn mower is consuming more gas than usual

Your mower shouldn’t behave like a thirsty marathon runner. So if you notice that your mower seems to be consuming more fuel than usual, take a look at the air filter to see if it's clogged. That’s usually the primary suspect of this kind of issue.

A dirty air filter causes your engine to consume more fuel, rendering its operation inefficient. You can fix this easily by cleaning your air filter properly. And if necessary, replace it.

Your mower is overheating

Does your mower heat up regularly during use? You should not ignore this problem, even if your mower seems to be working fine. Leaving an overheating mower unchecked will eventually cause you problems down the road.

Begin the lawn mower repair by inspecting the exhaust to see if there's any grass build-up. The cooling fins (the components on the head of the engine's cylinder) can’t work efficiently when they are clogged by debris and leaves.

You can resolve this problem by removing any debris. However, a worn-out cooling fan is another common issue. If you have an ohmmeter, check your mower's belts and see if they are still intact, with no fatal cracks or tears. When they're loose, be sure to replace them in order to keep your engine running in excellent condition.

Your lawn mower stalls out frequently

Stalling out can be frustrating because it doesn’t only cause your mower to stop, but it also interrupts the momentum of your work. This can be caused by a variety of issues, like overheating (as discussed above) or dirty air filters, or other reasons, all of which should be checked one by one. However, there might be other reasons that may cause stalling too. For example it may lack the power needed to keep the engine running properly.

To inspect your mower for any of these problems, you need to dismantle it first. This way, you can see if there's any visible debris or something wrong with the carburetor. If everything looks good after your initial inspection, check to see if there are any worn-out electrical connections, and replace them if needed. Finally, reassemble your mower and reattach all of the parts before checking if it works properly again.  

There’s a foul smell coming from your mower

Does your lawn mower emit a foul smell? First, make sure there’s no leak in your fuel tank, as this could be one of the reasons for the smell. Your lawn mower may also smell like fuel if it has dirt on its spark plug. Lastly, you should inspect your engine’s oil level to ensure that there isn't any leak, or just low oil.

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