It's Smart Irrigation Month: You Can Increase Your Business by Becoming a Certified Irrigation Contractor

Do you want to increase your service offerings with your commercial landscaping company? Then, consider becoming a certified irrigation contractor.

When you become a certified irrigation contractor (CIC), you'll be able to offer property managers and other customers underground sprinkler system installation and maintenance services.

And you'll be helping commercial spaces stay green and healthy. Not only can you help asset managers keep their lawns looking great, but you improve plants, trees, and shrubs to stay healthy too with bubblers and dripline systems.

July is Smart Irrigation Month, and it's the best time to sign up for the certified irrigation contractor exam.

Why You Need to Become a CIC through the Irrigation Association

The Irrigation Association (IA) is where you can learn how to install and maintain in-ground sprinkler systems. For example, if you want to promote Smart Irrigation Month, IA provides you with different ideas and products to get the word out.

Here are four benefits for becoming a CIC:

  • You'll have more credibility with your customers, suppliers, and competition when you're a CIC.

  • You'll stand out from other irrigation companies because of your training and certification.

  • You'll have an edge when bidding for irrigation system contracts.

  • You'll be listed in IA's online directory to get more leads, such as municipality managers, corporate real estate brokers, and HOA boards.

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    IA provides other irrigation specialist certifications if you want to grow beyond outdoor sprinkler system installation and maintenance:

  • You can become a certified irrigation designer (CID).

  • You can become a certified landscape irrigation auditor (CLIA).

  • You can become a certified golf irrigation auditor (CGIA).

  • You can become a certified landscape water manager (CLWM).

  • You can become a certified agricultural irrigation specialist (CAIS).
  • How to Become a CIC

    It's easy to become a CIC as far as signing up for the exam. However, you need to prepare for the exam, which IA makes simple for you. They provide 

  • A Certification Candidate Handbook to download

  • An online glossary of irrigation terms

  • Practice tests

  • FAQs to answer your questions about test day.

    When you become certified through IA, your CIC assures that you'll be fully trained in installation, repairs, and maintenance for ground irrigation systems.

    You'll also learn how to handle a business contract with a property manager or HOA board through IA's program. And you'll be able to follow all the details involved with an irrigation installation project.

    A CIC equips you to 

    • Meet all of the specs and requirements regarding lawn sprinkler system installation
    • Prep the installation site, including


    • Identify different pipe systems and limitations when cutting and joining pipe
    • Understand basic hydraulics
    • Perform layout, installation, and water delivery components, such as

               -Backflow preventer installation

               -Mechanical, hydraulic, and electrical irrigation controls
               -Other parts of an irrigation system.

    • Troubleshoot and repair any problems as they come up for your customers
    • Practice sound business practices, contracts, legal rights, and obligations, as well as licensing laws and codes for your state.

    CICs can make $19 to $24 per hour, according to the latest data at

    And the Irrigation Association says you need to stay in good standing with your CIC by earning 20 continuing education units per 2-year cycle. 

    How to Upsell Your Lawn Sprinkler Installation and Maintenance Services

    So, you got the certification, and you're ready to start installing outdoor lawn sprinklers for commercial properties. Now, you need customers.

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    Start with your current lawn maintenance customers and ask them if you can inspect their existing in-ground sprinkler system. You may find broken spray heads, a leak, or it needs a moisture sensor retrofitted to the system.

    As you gain experience, you can reach out to other HOAs, retail spaces, and corporate office spaces to see if they need a new outdoor sprinkler system installed or maintained. You can often retrofit new technology to older sprinkler systems, such as timers, weather sensors, and Bluetooth technology.

    If there's a new subdivision with a new HOA, you can send bids to install new lawn sprinklers to those properties as well.

    And don't forget, many commercial properties also have landscaped areas, including beds, urns, and shrubbery. You can incorporate a dripline system or tree bubblers into an existing irrigation system. 

    Reassure your commercial clients that they'll have consistent color and improved plant health with a dripline system that delivers water directly to the plants' root system. 

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