How to Select the Right Trimmer Line

There are several things to understand when selecting the right trimmer line for use on your trimmers. Primarily size, shape, material, and style. The selection of the right line is primarily dependent on the job you are doing and the capability of your trimmer.

How to select the right trimmer line size?

In general, the tougher the cutting job is the thicker the trimmer line needs to be. Thicker trimmer line is more durable and will last longer and is less likely to break or wear out.

The downside is the impact on your trimmer. Thicker line has more wind resistance requiring more power to rotate the trimmer head. If the line is too thick for the power of the trimmer it will not work effectively and wear out early. See the owner’s manual for maximum line size.

How to select the right trimmer line size?

Line Size

Job Level


0.065” to 0.085”

Light Duty

Residential lawns and light weeds

0.085” to 0.110”

Medium Duty

Thick grass and weeds

0.110” and above

Heavy Duty

Thicker underbrush


How to select a trimmer line shape?

How to select a trimmer line shape?

The trimmer line shape will affect cutting performance and trimmer efficiency. Selecting the right trimmer line for the job will save time and money.

Round Trimmer Line – this basic standard shape is used in most trimmers for light work on residential lawns with light weeds. It’s the least expensive and is easy to replace. This line rips the grass rather than cutting it, but the round shape does not wear down as quickly and is more durable around concrete, asphalt, trees, and roots.

 Edged Trimmer Line – trimmer line with sharp edges such as square, star or pentagon is best for commercial jobs with heavier weeds and larger lawns. Unlike round trimmer line, the sharp edges cut through grass and weeds quickly and give a clean cut. More efficient cutting is also faster and puts less strain on the trimmer. The downside is this line tends to break more easily when it contacts concrete, stone, etc. so landscapers should keep plenty on hand.

Twisted Trimmer Line – twisted trimmer line is for heavy duty use on yards with heavy thick weeds. The twisted shape provides some edge for a cleaner cut than round line. This line is also very durable around concrete, stone or other hard surfaces, is more efficient than round line, and reduces trimmer vibration and noise. This is the most expensive alternative.

How to select the right trimmer line shape?







Residential lawns/light weeds





Large lots/thick grass & weeds





Thicker underbrush


Very High



What is the best trimmer line material?

Trimmer line is usually made of nylon material. Commercial grade trimmer line is usually reinforced composite nylon which adds extra strength, durability and resists breakage. Heavy duty trimmer line is usually nylon composite reinforced with aluminum or other polymers.

Cost, durability, and efficiency should be the considerations for commercial landscapers.

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