Choosing the Right Mower Blade

Choosing the right mower blade depends on mowing conditions and whether you want to discharge, mulch or bag. Low-lift mower blades perform well on dry, shorter grasses when using a side discharge. High lift blades provide better airflow and work well with longer wet grass and in bagging applications. Mulching blades have high lift and teeth to shred grass and debris with the discharge blocked off.

Different types of lawn mower blades.

  • Low-Lift Blades - Use Low-Lift Blades when conditions are dry, or when performing seasonal scalping. Lift created by the cutter blades will be reduced. The Low-Lift Blade also helps reduce cutter deck blowout during dry conditions. See blade part: MowMore EX10719
  • High-Lift Blades – Use a high-lift blade for weedy/wet conditions. High-lift blades purposefully expel grass clippings out an open discharge or into a bagging device. The high blade angle generates more air circulation, which helps prevent clippings from sticking underneath the deck - especially when damp. See blade part: MowMore SC21HL
  • Sand Blade - Use a Sand Blade sharpened on all 4 sides in sandy soil areas, when the conditions are dry, or when performing seasonal scalping. Lift is reduced, decreasing the abrasion wear to the cutter blades and deck caused by sand. See blade part: MowMore FE9967
  • Standard-Lift Blade - Use a Standard Blade for the best overall cutting performance in most conditions. The Standard Blade will create optimum lift that is required during normal cutting conditions resulting in a clean, even appearance. See blade part: MowMore TO18
  • Mulching Blade - Mulching blades are designed for use with a mulching (discharge block-off) plate. Commercial mulching mower blades have a high lift edge for a smooth, even cut. The teeth at the end of the mower blade ensure quick shredding of grass clippings and debris. See blade part: MowMore MB6300

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clabron  cox

clabron cox

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