Finding a replacement lawn mower blade

How to find a lawn mower blade part number? 

The best way to find a replacement blade is by referencing the part number stamped on the blade, usually somewhere between the center holes. This number can be used to find an OEM replacement blade or cross reference high-quality aftermarket blades at a reduced cost.

If the stamped part number is not visible, a wire brush or emery cloth may do the trick. If the number is still not visible or the blade is discontinued, you can easily find a replacement by measuring the mower blade length, width, outer hole diameters, and center hole configuration.

How to measure a lawn mower blade?Measure-mower-Blade

What measurements are needed to find a replacement lawn mower blade.

  • Length is always measured diagonally from one tip to the opposing tip. Measuring end to end will result in the wrong blade length and the wrong replacement mower blade.
  • Width is measured at the widest part of the blade from edge to edge. The most common widths are 2”, 2 ¼”, 2 ½ “, 2 ¾ “, and 3” although others are available.
  • Outer holes are always round and measured by diameter. Use a drill bit to easily determine the diameter. If the blade has side holes the replacement must also have side holes in order to secure the blade properly.
  • Center holes are measured by diameter and shape. The most prevalent center hole is round and measured by diameter. A rectangular hole is measured by length and width. All others simply match the shape. Star center holes will fit on a specific matching spindle. Blades with a Bow Tie of H pattern will fit a 5-point, 6-point or triangular spindle.

What are the different types of lawn mower blade center holes?


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