Community Landscaping Projects to Boost your Brand, Sales and Employee Culture

Landscaping isn't just about making your client's property beautiful; it's about enhancing the beauty of an entire community. Imagine if more landscaping companies took it upon themselves to give back by offering free or discounted work to improve their local neighborhoods. 

Recently, we at MowMore decided to lend a hand to a community-owned volleyball court across the street from our main warehouse. MowMore and other tenants in the building spent a few days working and bringing the court back to life. On the day we finished, the courts were filled with players later that evening. It was great to see youth outside playing the sport. There is now interest in getting a league started.   Not only was this a "feel good" project, it also connected the employees on a project outside work.   In addition we have some good press including a Facebook share from the Mayor.   see photos and more information at  

Such an initiative has numerous benefits, not just for the community but for the landscaping companies themselves. Pro bono projects can:

  • Enhanced Curb Appeal

One of the most apparent benefits of landscaping companies offering free or discounted work in a community is the immediate improvement in curb appeal. Well-maintained landscapes create a positive first impression, contribute to a sense of pride among residents and can boost property values for everyone in the area.  Associating your name with this improvement is a great advertisement.  

  • Community Bonding

Community beautification projects bring people together. When neighbors collaborate to enhance their surroundings, it fosters a sense of unity and shared purpose. Landscaping companies can catalyze community bonding by spearheading or participating in such initiatives.

  • Environmental Benefits

Well-designed landscapes can have a significant impact on the environment. They can reduce soil erosion, improve air quality, and provide habitat for local wildlife. Landscaping companies can encourage using eco-friendly landscaping practices, such as planting native plants and implementing sustainable irrigation systems.

  • Economic Stimulus

Beautifying a community can have a positive economic ripple effect. As the area becomes more attractive, local businesses may see increased foot traffic, leading to improved economic conditions for the entire neighborhood and benefit the landscaping companies by creating potential clients and fostering a positive reputation within the community.

  • Social Responsibility and Reputation

Landscaping companies that engage in community improvement projects demonstrate social responsibility. They show that they care about the communities they serve and are committed to making a positive impact beyond their profit margins. Such actions can build a strong, positive reputation for the company and attract customers who value community involvement.

  • Education and Awareness

Landscaping companies can host workshops or provide resources to teach residents about sustainable landscaping practices, water conservation, and plant care and raise awareness about environmental issues to empower people to take better care of their landscapes.

  • Opportunities for Skill Development

Community projects allow landscaping company employees to expand their skills and knowledge. Working on diverse projects outside the usual scope of commercial landscaping can help employees develop a broader skill set, which can benefit the company in the long run. New employees can also receive on-site training through volunteer activities.

  • Positive Publicity

Landscaping companies that offer free or discounted work for community beautification often receive positive media coverage. This exposure can lead to increased visibility and new business opportunities. It also showcases the company as a socially responsible entity, attracting like-minded customers.

The benefits of such initiatives extend beyond aesthetics to encompass community bonding, environmental stewardship, economic growth, and positive brand reputation. By giving back to their communities, companies play a vital role in creating vibrant, attractive, and sustainable places for all to enjoy by investing in the well-being and prosperity of their neighborhoods. 

Have a cool project you did for the community, Post a reply. 


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