Operations aren’t just important; it’s a topic that can’t be ignored if you want to run a profitable business. Just how important is it you ask? Well let me cast it this way…you could be the master of strategy and have a unique plan to capture the industry by surprise, you could have all the cash in the world and you can still fail miserably without well executed operations on a daily business.

Most of your day is spent in and on operations. Operations are just that, the tasks that you perform on a daily basis to make your business run smoothly, to attract a great team, and to keep your customers coming back for more. Learn how to implement consistent process in everything you do from loading, routing, training, paperwork, to customer service and more. Learn how to become an employer of choice and stop spending all of your time hunting for new team members. Learn how to build an “A” team and know when it’s time to get rid of those “C” & “D” players. Learn why building raving fans through customer loyalty is critical for business growth. Learn how to identify and measure just a few key numbers that will drive your operations to bigger profits.

We gladly share our over 25+ years of industry experience with our loyal mow more customers. We’re your partner in profitability, not just your parts supplier. We’ll provide some longer papers on operations in our white paper section, but stop back here frequently for short concise tips that you can implement immediately to improve your businesses operations and increase profits.

Trees in August 2023

About 50% of the trees are doing good. Voles destroyed most of the other trees, but I am working on a plan to replant them.

More tree photos