One of our top selling products are aftermarket Scag mower blades in a variety of lengths and sizes. Just like our high quality Scag blades replacements parts, the mowers themselves have been made right here in the U.S.A. for 30 years. In celebration of their long success and the sheer quantity of Scag mower blades that are out there in the field, we want to share with you the top five Scag mower blades replacement products we handle. The top five aftermarket products that fit Scag are:

1. The number one selling blades by far are our SC21 – Scag mower blades that fit the ever popular 61” commercial mower deck that gets the job done with efficiency with a nice wide cut.

2. SC16 - Scag mower blades with a standard lift which fit 48” cut decks are a close second on the list.

3. 36” and 52” decks continue to be a good seller, making our SC18 – Scag mower blades third on the list of our best selling aftermarket blades.

4. Another great product are the ever popular aftermarket replacement SC16HL - Scag mower blades with a high lift that is great for standing wet grass up for a great cut and for picking up leaves and light debris.

5. MB6299 – replacement Scag mower blades is no surprise as a top five best seller. Its serrated blade, high lift pitch and capacity to mulch up clippings make it an animal out in the field and a favorite of many commercial lawn maintenance companies.

Do you love your Scag Mower? If so, tell us about it. Why Scag over Exmark, Toro, or others? Let us know and you might just win some free aftermarket Scag mower blades for your crew. Don’t worry Exmark, Toro, Walker or any of the other 100 brands we sell blades for...we didn’t forget about you. Your time is coming!

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Kenny Coye

Kenny Coye

I mowed a friend’s acreage with his very very old Scag turf tiger and he had some very high and steep banks and ditches and some nasty hickory trees with years of nuts, bark and branches and it made a believer out of me after one time. I even rode it out going sideways and backwards into a ditch. Yes I am a believer in scag and especially the turf tiger 2. I mowed my friends for two summers while my house on my acreage was being built and I said I would not have anything but a Turf tiger 2 even if it had to be 2 years old but I just bought it and my acreage had not been mowed for 3 months and this was a hayfield to start and my scag mowed it and I love it but I would like to have the best blades for it. It’s a 60 or 61 one deck. It came with new blades but I would like to have a spare set and I would like to try the best one and I don’t know which ones are so that’s why I wrote this.

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