Mobile Apps Improve Communication, Save Time & Money

Mobile Apps Improve Communication, Save Time & Money

Are you looking for mobile apps that help your field techs perform their lawn maintenance jobs and communicate better with the office? You can now find lawn and landscaping apps, which are free or have low-cost subscriptions.

Why Are Mobile Apps Important?

Mobile apps save you money and your technicians time. You no longer have to remind some of your employees for time sheets because their day can be recorded on an app.

You also don’t need to worry about invoicing on the road. All the supervisor needs to do is fill out the information on the app that syncs with the software at the office.

Field service apps can provide you and your technicians with the following benefits:

  • Condenses job routes
  • Provides estimates
  • Completes and sends invoicing
  • Communicates with property managers
  • Eliminates paperwork, such as time sheets and spreadsheets
  • Syncs with company software and removes duplicate record-keeping.

You save time because a tap on an app checks in with a foreperson out in the field or keeps track of your mileage.

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If you’re a small company that’s expanding, you can keep your overhead costs low with mobile apps. For example, you may not need a full-time assistant at your office since many apps automate business administration tasks on the cloud.

4 Features of Mobile Apps for Field Service Workers

Indeed, field service apps help your techs be more efficient, getting more work done so that you can scale your commercial mowing services to more property managers.

Here are four features of mobile apps:

  1. Tracking your crews: Many field service apps have GPS capabilities and can track where your crews are located. No more extended coffee breaks. Instead, your crews are more efficient and get to the job site on time.
  1. Improved communication between the dispatcher and field service crews: Your dispatcher can track where teams are located and have instantaneous updated job information at their fingertips.
  1. Crews become more efficient: With updated job info at their fingertips, supervisors and crews know what each property needs with each commercial job. There’s no paperwork. Instead, the supervisors can look at past work history and receive push notifications for job updates.

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  1. Data syncs to the cloud allowing more streamlined information and record-keeping: Your crews will have all the information they need to do the job. Plus, syncing to the cloud enables supervisors and forepersons to communicate with the office.

For example, crews stay in the know with any canceled appointments, emergency calls, or any other changes to work orders.

5 Mobile Apps to Use in Your Commercial Lawn Maintenance Business

The following five apps are popular among lawn and landscape maintenance companies whether they serve homeowners or commercial properties:

  1. Jobber: Jobber incorporates your sales, operations, and customer service in one app. And Jobber also provides route density that saves time and money at the pump.
  1. Fieldd: Fieldd is a point-of-sale, customer relationship manager (CRM), and dispatch scheduling app rolled into one. The app helps you manage on-demand mowing and landscaping jobs with ease.
  1. Lawn Pro: Lawn Pro helps you with scheduling, expenses, employees, marketing, profits, and more.
  1. The Weather Channel: The Weather Channel helps you stay aware of any storms approaching, heat advisories, and other weather-related information.
  1. Intuit Quickbooks: Quickbooks provides bookkeeping, payroll, account records, and reports in one app. It has various plans and pricing to keep your financials organized and up-to-date with your vendors and accountant.

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