Made in the USA – Why Buy American?

With unemployment at a 50 year high, it is more important than ever to support our U.S. economy and the re-employment of America.

We can all help by making every effort to buy and source products that are “Made in USA”. At we are always committed to sourcing as many products as possible from U.S. manufacturers. To that end our website now identifies all U.S. made products with the “Made in USA” label.

Why Buy American?

Made in USA guarantees jobs for thousands of people throughout the USA.

Buying American-made goods not only supports workers who make those goods, it benefits the entire economy through a ripple effect. When American companies prosper, they hire more people, they use more outside services, and employed workers spend more in the local economy.

Higher U.S. employment means more money in American pockets and strong economic growth.

Is “Made in USA” regulated?

The Federal Trade Commission (FTC) requires all products labeled as “Made in USA” to have all or nearly all their content made in this country, including parts, processing, and labor. Unfortunately, the FTC does not have the resources to monitor all labeled products, so companies are expected to follow their rules and guidelines. Anyone found in violation is subject to fines and penalties set by the FTC.

In addition, there is no standardized label identifying something as “Made in USA”. Companies create their own logos and labels. The FTC does not place limits on the use of patriotic symbols such as the American flag.

If you are questioning the label, the US Customs and Border Protection agency requires all imported products to be marked with a Country of Origin stamp. Consumers wary of suspicious labels can look for a foreign Country of Origin stamp to identify if a product is foreign-made.

Buying American is Good for All of US

Buying American moves the United States toward self-sufficiency and resiliency. It creates jobs, economic strength, and prosperity for U.S. citizens and small businesses. We all have an opportunity to play a role in our recovery and long-term economic health by buying “Made in USA” whenever possible. is a small U.S.-based business and we are committed to supporting U.S. manufacturing whenever possible. Look for the “Made in USA” label throughout the website and take pride in supporting our U.S. economy.

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