Landscaping Equipment List for Commercial Landscapers

Running a landscaping business entails many aspects of landscaping, including creating beautiful garden designs, maintenance, and landscape construction and architecture. There are so many nitty-gritty tasks involved, like digging, cutting, tending to plants and trees, and so on. To accomplish each of these specific jobs, a landscaper needs to have a set of quality equipment.

Commercial landscaping is a demanding job that requires the right equipment. As a professional landscaper, your tools and equipment are your partners that help you take care of your clients’ needs. Make sure you have the right equipment and tools on hand at all times. Here’s a helpful list of useful equipment for all commercial landscapers.

Lawn mower

One of the key components of professional landscaping is making sure that a lawn is properly maintained and perfectly groomed. An unkempt lawn can be an eyesore for visitors, and it can also become a source of fungus and disease due to collected moisture from overgrown grass. 

Because regular lawn mowing offers more than just cosmetic perks, it needs to be a top priority for all commercial landscapers. To accomplish this job, every landscaper needs to invest in a quality lawn mower.

A lawn mower is a vital piece of equipment for any commercial landscaper. In addition to providing visual appeal to any lawn, mowers are also instrumental in getting the job done with ease and efficiency. This can be hard to do if you don’t have quality machinery. Therefore, be sure to invest wisely in your mower. 

Power blower

Another essential item for any landscaping equipment collection is a power blower. A power blower is a must-have for landscapers and homeowners alike. It can be used quickly and aggressively to remove leaves, dirt, and other debris from walkways, lawns, decks, patios, and garden beds. 

Removing debris from walkways can be a time-consuming task. With a power blower, it becomes much easier and faster to remove leaves or fallen tree limbs without leaving the ground uneven, which can cause safety hazards for people on-site.

Hand tools

Commercial landscapers use a variety of tools to help them accomplish necessary tasks. Some parts of the job can’t be performed with power or heavy-duty equipment. Some landscaping hand tools include hedge trimmers, pruning shears, a pruning saw, and a landscaping knife. Essential digging tools include side shovels, sharp spades, and post-hole diggers. 


In some areas, heavy snowfall can accumulate along walkways and around parking lots during the winter months. If you work in this type of climate, you won’t have to pause your business operations during these months, thanks to snow blowers. 

A snow blower can help you maintain standard business operations by helping you clear snow from high-traffic areas. In addition to helping you get the job done efficiently, a snowblower will also help you keep the site dry and safe for everyone. 

Heavy equipment

Aside from lawn mowers, there are other pieces of heavy equipment that professional landscapers need in order to perform their jobs well. These pieces of equipment range in size and complexity, depending on the job requirements, but they can all help with various tasks, like lawn care, grading, edging, seeding, laying sod, and soil preparation. These pieces of equipment help commercial landscapers like you work efficiently in large outdoor spaces. 

Personal protective equipment

Landscaping jobs come with the risk of accidents and injuries. Ensure you and your team’s safety by using essential protective personal equipment. Use safety goggles to keep eyes protected from flying debris. Protect your hands from cuts, burns, and punctures by wearing proper leather gloves. For your feet, it’s best to wear steel-toed work boots to protect your toes from injuries from falling objects. 

A successful landscaping business requires a relatively substantial investment in the right landscaping tools and equipment in order to get started. Refer to this equipment list if you need a guide for where to start when it comes to commercial landscaping. 

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