How to measure a lawn mower blade

There is nothing more frustrating than waiting three days for your replacement mower blades to arrive, only to find out that they don't fit propery. It's frustrating, it cost money to make a return and it's not necessary if you know how to measure your blade properly. There is one catch however, you don't measure lawnmower blades the way you might think, so I thought it might be helpful to explain the proper way to measure a lawn mower blade in this short post. When you search our site or page through a catalog, your will notice that we list blade lengths, center holes, thickness and original equipment manufacturer (OEM) replacement numbers.

The first and best way to get the correct blade every time is to pull out your lawnmower's owner's manual and look up the OEM number of the blade. Match that with the "Replaces OEM#" in our catalog or on our site and you will always be assured of the perfect fit. A second method would be to measure your existing blade. Lawnmower blade lengths are always measured diagonally across, from sharpened tip to sharpened tip and not straight down the lenght. This is the measurement you will see as "length" in our listings. We recommend that you take this measurement across the back of the blade so that you have a more accurate measurement. Remember, sometimes if you have sharpened a blade extensively you may have a shorter blade than the one you originally put on. Blade widths are taken at the widest part of the blade, which is often at our near the center hole. The center hole measurements are just that, the measurement of the center hole. Make sure you get the right center hole as you never want to drill out a hole to make it fit, nor do you want to install a blade that is too loose on the blade shaft.

In summary, if you have a manual for your commercial lawn mower just match the blade OEM number with our "replace OEM#" information and you are assured of the perfect fit. If not, measure away using the guidlelines listed above.

Happy mowing!

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