Many of our customers ask us how we grew our commercial lawn care business to over $1M in annual sales. Here are a few tips that we can share with you:

  1. Focus on quality not price. I know...easy for me to say, but the truth is, a business built on being the lowest price is just a race to the bottom and eventually the end of your business. Instead, focus on quality service that costs a little more than the competition. Once people see the difference they will refer you and you're off to building a profitable business.
  2. Quality is as much about perception as doing a good job. The truth is, customers expect a good job, but you can create that perception of outstanding quality by having a website, clean trucks, uniformed employees and equipment that is kept up to date. Perception is reality and the reality can't charge more if you have what looks like a second-class operation.
  3. Give your customers a quality cut every time. You can assure a quality cut by replacing your commercial mower blades often and sharpening them frequently. Dull blades will tear the grass and leave a brown tint across the top of the lawn after a cut. Take the time to care for your equipment.
  4. Try to schedule your cuttings so that they fall on the same day each week. Your customer comes to expect you there on a certain day and you want to keep that schedule if at all possible. I know that the weather plays a big role here, but do your best and when you are behind schedule, why not have your office give the client a friendly call and update?
  5. Add services like sidewalk edging, bed care, etc. These all tie you tighter to a client when you are doing a great job for them. People are crazy busy today and many of your clients prefer a one-stop shop for their landscape maintenance needs. Make it easy on them by doing more.

There are many ways to grow your commercial lawn maintenance business. These are just a few tips for you. How about you? Do you have any you might add to our list?

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