Create Added Value for Your Commercial Customers as a Certified Irrigation Contractor

Property managers and HOA board members are busy people. And they get tired of having to depend on multiple contractors to make their commercial properties look professional.

These property managers wear many hats, including screening tenants, maintaining the property inside and outside, managing budgets, and collecting rent. There’s always something to do as a property manager—especially if they oversee several properties.

Why You May Want to Add on Other Lawn Maintenance Services

In addition, you may find that it’s time to branch out into other lawn and landscaping services. You may feel that you’re stagnating or need to offer another service or two to give you an edge in your local market.

There are many ways to add to your commercial lawn maintenance company, such as

  • Full lawn care services, including aeration, overseeding, fertilizer, and weed control
  • Landscaping services by installing annual color, shrub and tree care, and pruning services

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  • Irrigation installation and maintenance, where you take courses to be a certified irrigation contractor. You’ll sell and maintain in-ground lawn sprinklers for your commercial clients.

While these services benefit your customer and increase your bottom line, irrigation installation and maintenance make the most sense since turfgrass needs a lot of water. And in-ground irrigation systems help conserve water and save property managers money on their water bills while effectively irrigating lawns.

How Becoming a Certified Irrigation Contractor Benefits Both Property Managers and You

You become more valuable to your commercial customers when you offer them more than one lawn service, such as mowing.

As you know, turfgrass takes in a lot of water. If you work in a region with water restrictions, your customers may need help managing their lawns during the hottest days in the summer.

You also benefit too. You earn credibility since the Irrigation Association’s certification programs are top-notch. You’ll find more jobs that require your irrigation services. Plus, you’re adding value to your lawn maintenance company because you offer more than mowing and blowing services.

Since property managers are busy handling many tasks at once, they appreciate having one service provider for all of their lawn and landscaping needs.

You don’t have to be only a certified irrigation contractor; you can have dual certifications, such as a certified irrigation contractor and a certified irrigation designer. The Irrigation Association offers the following irrigation certifications:

  • Certified Irrigation Technician
  • Certified Irrigation Contractor
  • Certified Landscape Irrigation Auditor
  • Certified Golf Irrigation Auditor
  • Certified Irrigation Designer.

How to Become a Certified Irrigation Contractor

According to the Irrigation Association, you’ll be able to carry out the following services as a certified irrigation contractor:

  • Follow an in-ground sprinkler system design to install on your customer’s property
  • Layout the area where the sprinkler system will go, including staking, excavation, boring, trenching, grading, and backfilling
  • Cutting and joining pipe as well as connecting water delivery parts
  • Installing backflow prevention equipment

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  • Installing mechanical, hydraulic, and electric irrigation controls as well as other parts of the irrigation system
  • Problem solve and repair irrigation system issues
  • Understand and perform good business practices
  • Understand construction contracts, your legal rights, obligations, and licensing laws and codes in your state.

To become a certified irrigation contractor, you need to register for the exam on the Irrigation Association’s website. The Irrigation Association recommends that you have three years of irrigated-related field service before taking the exam.

Next, you need to take the irrigation contractor exam. After passing the exam, you’ll need to stay in good standing with the Irrigation Association, which includes 20 continuing education units per two-year cycle.

How a Certified Irrigation Contractor Benefits from the EPA’s WaterSense Program

Water is a precious commodity, and the Environmental Protection Agency has promoted household and commercial products that reduce water waste.

When you become a certified irrigation contractor, you already meet the EPA’s WaterSense criteria through the Irrigation Association.

How does WaterSense benefit you with your lawn maintenance company?

As a certified irrigation contractor, you can become a part of the EPA’s consumer awareness program by promoting your lawn irrigation service as part of the WaterSense labeled program.

You can use the WaterSense label on your business cards and other marketing materials. Plus, you’re listed under the EPA’s online directory of irrigation pros. You also have access to free marketing materials through the EPA. You can learn more about the EPA’s WaterSense program on Irrigation Association’s website.

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