Are you mowing efficiently? Why properly sharpened mower blades  are important for a successful season.

As professional landscapers, you know that achieving the perfect lawn requires more than just planting a few flowers and pulling some weeds. Sure, that's all important too, but ensuring your mower blades are properly sharpened is one of the most important things to remember when caring for your clients' yards. 


According to mower manufacturers and most lawn care professionals, mower blades should be cleaned and sharpened every 20 - 25 hours of use. Sharpening those blades can make all the difference in the quality of work produced - leaving clean-cut grass with a beautiful finish versus an uneven and patchy job.


Mower blades should always be sharp because:


Dull Blades Cause Mowers to Work Harder

We have all heard the term 'work smarter, not harder,' The easiest way to cut smarter is with an always-sharp lawnmower blade. Maintaining a sharp blade on your mower can save time, effort, and money. A dull blade makes your mower work harder by causing extra pressure as it drags through the grass instead of cutting cleanly as a sharp blade would perform. This additional drag can cause strain on the engine, which can shorten the lifespan of your mower and increase gas consumption when using your machine. Sharp blades actually cause you to use less gas and therefore save your business money.


Lawns Will Look Unhealthy and May Be Prone to Disease

It's essential to use a sharp blade when cutting the grass. Not only does this help create a professional-looking finish, but using dull blades could cause damage to the lawn itself. Worn blades will result in shorter cuts with rough edges that can lead to moisture loss from each grass tip, making them more vulnerable to diseases during hot and dry weather conditions. Investing in quality sharpening tools for trimming ensures you get both aesthetic appeals as well as healthy results.


You Want to Prolong the Life of Your Investment

A commercial-grade lawnmower is one of your most significant investments. Keep your mower running at peak performance by regularly sharpening the blade. Proper maintenance ensures it won't overwork the engine and other components, guaranteeing your company's lawnmowing apparatus a longer lifespan.


Precision is Professional

First impressions are critical; you always want your business to look good. Blades that remain sharp will ensure precision in all cuts and contribute to a greener, healthier-looking lawn, advertising your professionalism to the entire neighbourhood. Dull blades create ragged cuts and jagged edges on grass blades, leaving them weak, discolored and frayed. It can tear and rip at the grass and damage surrounding plants instead of cutting it cleanly with one pass. Sharpening your mower blades can be the difference between success and failure - so keep those blades sharpened for an impressive result every time!


Healthy and lush grass is pleasing to the eye and indicates that your mower's blades are in good condition. If you start noticing unevenly cut lawns or torn-looking patches of grass instead of sliced ones, it might be time for a blade cleaning & sharpening. A clean, well-sharpened set of blades will give excellent results - creating healthier, even-looking grass for your clients' homes and businesses.


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