Before we know it, the "dog days" of summer will be winding down and the weather will be starting to shift. It is important that your landscaping business adjusts its marketing strategy to attract customers during the fall and winter months. According to the National Association of Landscape Professionals, 40% of Americans hire lawn and landscaping professionals, making it a lucrative market all year round. 

It is time to put on your thinking cap and devise creative ways to keep that momentum going throughout the year. To help you get started, we've compiled three ideas to help you market your business this fall.


  1. FALL CLEANUP SPECIALS - As the fall season approaches, clients need to consider cleaning up their yards. Whether it's removing leaves, weeding flower beds or blowing away debris, a fall yard cleanup can make all the difference in the appearance of an outdoor space. How you promote your services is just as important as the services themselves. Don't be afraid to get your creative juices flowing and personalize your marketing materials. Consider an eye-catching poster in a local lawn and garden store or custom flyers with a special offer distributed at community events. And don't underestimate the power of social media. You can easily increase your brand awareness by posting on all platforms and investing in a targeted ad. 
  2. FALL PLANTING - Don't miss out on the opportunity to market the many benefits of planting in fall to your potential customers. The cooler temperatures and more frequent rainfall make for an ideal environment for trees, shrubs, bulbs, and perennials to establish their roots and start growing. Plus, with less watering needed, your customers can save both time and money. Consider sending custom postcards using an all-in-one direct mail service to expand your reach and showcase your impressive work. Let your community know that their yard can be transformed into a beautiful haven with your expert planting and landscaping services.
  3. WINTERIZING - As a landscaping company, fall is the perfect time to help your customers winterize their properties. One crucial aspect of winterizing is cleaning out drains and turning off irrigation systems. Neglecting to do so can lead to clogs and frozen pipes, which can be costly to fix. To avoid these expensive issues, it's important to turn off the main water source for any irrigation systems and blow out the system. Furthermore, ensuring that any drains are cleaned and not covered with debris ahead of winter will help prevent clogs during the cold weather. By taking these steps, you can help your customers protect their properties and ensure a smooth transition into the winter season.

       BONUS: PREPARE FOR THE SPRING - The crisp autumn air signals the end of another summer, and homeowners are relieved to say goodbye to the endless lawn maintenance that comes with it. As the leaves change color and Halloween decorations adorn front lawns, savvy lawn care companies are already thinking ahead to next spring and summer. Fall is the perfect time to entice new clients with irresistible offers that promise a beautiful, low-maintenance yard come springtime. With the help of a trusted lawn care professional, homeowners can spend less time worrying about their yard and more time enjoying the beautiful weather. Fall is the season of change, and for homeowners ready to relieve the burden of lawn care, it's the perfect time to plan for a hassle-free and worry-free spring and summer.

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