Voltage Regulator for Grasshopper and Kubota | MP9210

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Voltage regulator replaces Grasshopper 185530 on models 1822D, 718D, 721D & 721G. Also replaces Kubota 15351-64600, 15351-64601, 15531-64601, 15531-64603, 18270169, 19267-64600, 19267-64601, 19267-64602, RP201-537106 wire connectors with 6 male spade terminals.

Be sure to match the part number from the owners manual for the part you are replacing with the OEM number(s) listed.


  • Grasshopper 185530
  • Kubota 15531-64603


Kubota Models - B1550D, B1550E, B1550HSTD, B1550HSTE, B1700D, B1700E, B1700HSD, B1700HSE, B1750D, B1750E, B1750HSTD, B1750HSTE, B2100D, B2100E, B2100HSD, B2100HSE, B2150D, B2150E, B2150HSD, B2150HSE, B2400D, B2400E, B2400HSD, B2400HSE, B2410HSD, B2410HSDB, B2410HSE, B2710HSD, B2910HSD, B7300HSD, B7400HSD, B7500D, B7500DTN, B7500HSD, B7800HSD, G1700 Mower, G1800 Mower, G1800S Mower, G1900 Mower, G1900S Mower, G2000 Mower, G2000S Mower, GF1800 Mower, GF1800E Mower, K008 Excavator, T1600H Mower, T1600HG Mower

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