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No Smoke 2 Stroke Oil (6) 2.6oz Bottles

No Smoke 2 Stroke Oil (6) 2.6oz Bottles

Product ID: NSO266PK
  • No Smoke Exact Mix oil
  • 1 6 pack - 6 (2.6oz) bottles
  • Used in all air cooled two-cycle engines
  • Mix ratio 32:1, 50:-1, etc. 
  • (1) bottle mix with 1 Gal. of Gas

Product Description

This is a 6 pack of 2-cycle oil containing 6 2.6oz bottles. No Smoke Two Stoke is a smokeless two-cycle engine oil specifically blended for chain saws, motorcycles, lawnmowers, string trimmers, blowers, and all other air cooled two-cycle engines. Safe for the environment, and equipment operator because it eliminates exhaust smoke.


When tested against an OEM reference oil No Smoke showed:

  • Excellent anti-corrosion performance
  • Superior performance with unleaded gas
  • Incredible anti-seizure protection
  • Remarkably less exhaust port clogging, significantly less piston scuffing
  • Reduced downtime, amazingly low deposit formations

Great results in air cooled engines, safer for the equipment operator, API air engine oil service classification of TC, Fluidity Grade 3, increased engine life. No Smoke Two Stroke meets the most severe API air cooled engine oil service classification of TC, and it meets the SAE Miscibility/Fluidity Grade 3. The flash point is 265 degrees F. It is formulated to mix with unleaded gas. No Smoke Two Stroke is a multi-ratio product and gives excellent results in all air cooled two-cycle engines regardless of manufacturer's suggested mixing ratio. 

(1) 2.6 oz. bottle mixes with1 gallons of gasoline for all mix ratios 32:1, 50:1, etc. NS026



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