CASE of 10 Gulflex 3% Moly EP Red Hi-Temp Grease Cartridge, 14 oz. Tube, Gulf

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GULFLEX® Grease is a premium, NLGI #2 extreme pressure (EP) lithium complex grease specifically designed to provide superior performance under the most severe applications. 
  • Low oil separation
  • High dropping point of 500°F
  • Outstanding load carrying capacity
  • Excellent protection from water wash-off
  • Excellent resistance to rust and corrosion
  • Outstanding extreme pressure and antiwear characteristics
  • Excellent thermal and mechanical stability in conditions of severe operating temperatures

Gulflex® is an extremely stable, contamination resistant grease formulated from high viscosity index base oils, thickening agent, and additive components specifically selected for their high temperature performance. It is fortified with 3% molybdenum disulfide and special polymers to provide superior adhesion and longer equipment life. APPLICATIONS: Gulflex® is the ideal lubricant for a variety of grease applications, including wet and dirty environments, heavy shock loads, heavy-duty chassis, wheel bearings, fifth wheels, universal and constant velocity (CV) joints, on-highway truck fleets, mining, agricultural, construction, logging, and earth moving equipment. It meets the performance specification of Caterpillar’s MPGM 3% MoS2 lithium complex grease. 

Interchangeable:  051-611 Red N Tacky Grease 051-611, ,  Foley/PLP 159-025, ESF 159-025, Stens: 751-343, Green Line 62122, Rotary 7896, Rotary 9454, 1500, Rotary 9453, Oregon 54-020-0, Oregon 54-020, JThomas GR-70, Prime Line 7-06631, NHC 201-4100, Napa 7-06631, Oregon 4050T, Red "N" Tacky Grease


  • Super-Plex High Temp #2 Grease

  • 14 oz cartridge
  • sold individually, order 10 for full case


  • Premium Red High Temp Grease for spindle assemblies, ball and roller bearings.
  • Highly resistant to separation, bleeding and hardening.
  • Pumps readily.
  • Resistant to heat and cold. 
  • Highly water resistant
  • Use on all power equipment

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