The Latest Business Trends for Commercial Lawn Maintenance 2023

We’re inching closer to the New Year. In 2022, we saw fuel and fertilizer prices go up. We also saw increasing inflation and the Great Resignation slowing down.

What will 2023 look like for businesses like commercial lawn maintenance?

In this article, we’ll explore the following:

  • Business trends
  • Recruitment trends
  • Marketing trends.

5 Business Trends Affecting Commercial Lawn Maintenance in 2023

The New Year, 2023, will remain the same as 2022 regarding business. Here are five business trends affecting commercial lawn maintenance in 2023:

  1. Interest rates will continue to rise as the American Federal Reserve raises interest rates. If you apply for a loan or lease a building for your lawn maintenance company, you’ll see that it will be more expensive.
  1. Inflation will affect consumer spending and the commercial retail spaces you serve. Property managers will probably cut their budgets to protect their bottom line. They still need you to mow their green spaces, but if you provide other lawn services, you may hear more no’s than yes’s.

 Fuel prices will continue to rise due to Asia pushing global oil demand up by 1.5%. As you know, lawn equipment uses oil or gas. Plus, your trucks need gas to run. While you may save fuel costs with electric equipment and vehicles, you’ll see a 25% increase in electric vehicle prices.

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  1. The supply chain is still affecting businesses. The war in Ukraine and the lingering after-effects of Covid-19 shortages will continue to play a role in the economy and in doing business. recommends that businesses map out their supply chains and see if supply and inflation will affect their business. You can explore other opportunities and vendors to stay well-stocked with fertilizer and turf seed if you provide lawn care services.

  1. How sustainable is your commercial lawn maintenance company? While you may still want to use traditional mowers and blowers, it may be time to switch to electric or battery-operated lawn equipment.

For example, if you provide lawn maintenance services to HOAs, POAs, and malls, the property managers may insist on electric mowers and blowers because they’re sustainable and less noisy.

2023 Recruitment Trends—Still a Challenge

The Great Resignation and quiet quitting still affect recruitment challenges—workers still want to control the impact of work on their lives and have time to enjoy the money they’re making from their jobs.

Employees also seek fulfillment in their chosen careers, including a hybrid workplace (which doesn’t work in lawn maintenance). Yet, you can offer your recruits the chance to grow into their careers and adopt a value-oriented workplace in 2023.

Remember that you need employees to mow the lawns, edge around them, and maintain commercial properties to make these green spaces attractive to renters, shoppers, and people living in HOAs.

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So, you do need to consider your workers’ needs and desires. For example, some folks may fear riding in a truck with other crew members because of Covid-19.

How will you respond? Will the worker then need to use their vehicle to get to jobs? Will you reimburse them for mileage?

How can you work with your employees to make your company where people want to work for you?

5 Digital Marketing Trends Affecting Business in 2023

Digital marketing will still have an important role to play in 2023. While you may think you don’t need social media and a blog for your commercial landscaping business, you would be wrong.

Social media, blogging, short-form videos, and SEO will still be essential digital marketing tools going into the new year.

Here are five digital marketing trends that will affect your commercial lawn maintenance company in 2023:

  1. While you may not see the need to post a video showing your crews mowing lawns, you’re missing out on a golden marketing moment.

Upload videos for potential sales prospects showing your crews mowing a retail space, an office park, or a hospital. You can also show off your equipment—visually persuading a prospect to call you for a springtime bid.

  1. Property managers may DM you on social media to ask questions or report problems regarding lawn maintenance. Direct messaging from a social media platform will be popular in 2023.
  1. Continue using SEO, including relevant keywords, in your digital marketing materials—your website, blogs, videos, and social media handles. If this is out of your wheelhouse, hire a marketing firm to help you.
  1. Encourage your sales and marketing teams to work together. Your salespeople are on the ground and know what pain points your customers have regarding lawn maintenance. 

Your marketing team transforms that information into blogs, social media, and other digital marketing to persuade potential clients that you’ll answer their turf management challenges.

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