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Parks and Rec Groundskeeping

Chery Grund | June 14, 2019

If you are lucky enough to live in a city or suburb that has a well-funded, forward-thinking parks and recreational district, you know what a difference it can make in the daily lives of its residents. Open space, natural landscaping and well-maintained facilities bring people together in joined appreciation of their community. Whether you are a grandparent who enjoys taking the young ones to the nearby dinosaur playground, a parent whose children play soccer and baseball on the manicured fields, or a fitness junkie who regularly bikes the trails, you know that your taxes provide this lifestyle, and that it’s worth every penny. Not everyone has access to quality outdoor recreation close to home.

The director of a parks and recreational district has a demanding and powerful job, overseeing all aspects of community recreational facilities and outdoor space. S/he works with city planners, educators, local sports teams and leagues, and neighborhood representatives to design programs and activities that meet the needs of the district.

Do you ever wonder what a day-in-the-life is like for the groundskeepers who take care of these acres and acres of greenery and athletic venues? Your manicured jogging paths and perfectly trimmed trees require endless upkeep as well as expertise. They are paid employees to be sure; still, all they know and do is very impressive.

A typical job posting for a semi-skilled parks and rec groundskeeper presents a very long list of the position’s duties:

  • Opens and closes park gates and restrooms
  • Prepares fields for use
  • Loads and unloads dirt, gravel, and other debris; picks up trash in park areas
  • Cleans and restocks restrooms, and cleans picnic pavilions and prepares them for reservations
  • Moves and sets up for park functions requiring moving tables, bleachers, and chairs for concerts and special events
  • Mows/cuts grass with power equipment, commercial riding mowers and weed eaters
  • Cuts down and removes limbs, branches, and trees that have been damaged
  • Installs mulch and trims landscape
  • Sprays weeds with herbicide; spreads fertilizer
  • Cleans, maintains and services equipment and tools
  • Maintains and conducts light repair work on equipment, buildings and grounds
  • Repairs irrigation systems and conducts flood control.

Requirements include:

  • Working in all weather conditions (it’s always a workday, come rain, shine or snow)
  • Must be strong and in good physical shape
  • Experience in landscaping and grounds management
  • Using light duty vehicles, tractors, riding mowers, backhoes, push mowers, weed eaters, chain saws, rakes, shovels, blowers, sprayers, hand saws, hydraulic booms, small tools
  • Bending/squatting/twisting; pushing/pulling; lifting/carrying; climbing ladders
  • Proficiency with many common tools used to assemble equipment

Job listings usually end with the caveat that employees are “expected to perform assignments with a minimum level of supervision.” These people work really hard, often in adverse conditions, to ensure that we can safely take our dogs for their daily walk or set up the volleyball net knowing that this lovely recreational space is safe, clean and ours.

The next time you see a park ranger or employee, you might want to let them know how much you appreciate what they contribute to your neighborhood and lifestyle. supplies parks and rec districts all over the U.S. We also have what you need for your private slice of green peace.

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