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Announcing Our New Website with Enhanced Features

for the Commercial Landscape Supply Business Owner

Ian Kullhem | September 20, 2018

Mow More Supplies is positioned to become the leading supplier and resource for commercial lawn maintenance contractors with the launch of the all new web store and resource center. Mow More has a long history as one of the top suppliers of top quality aftermarket replacement commercial lawnmower blades that fit many top brands such as Scag™, Exmark™, Toro™ and Walker™, to name just a few.

They are now building on that reputation with a major investment that enhances customer’s interactions and simplifies the shopping experience. The newly launched site features world class shopping enhancements with a significant focus on easier shopping using multiple search capabilities that recognize OEM and full text searches and a simplified shipping calculator for most order over $250.

Mow More isn’t just a parts supplier, they are their customer’s partner in profitability with a growing list of business owner resources where they share insider secrets from their 25+ years in the commercial lawn maintenance business. Landscape Maintenance Contractor Business Owner Resources include:

White Papers – A library of white papers provides timely information on areas that are critical to business success. Things like: cash management, people development and strategies for profitable growth.

Operations – A collection of articles focused on operations management teaches owners how to implement consistent process to create operational consistency that leads to increased profits.

Profitability - Tips on bidding, renewing client contracts, expanding services for existing clients help the business owner focus on the life blood of the business, profits.

Best Practice Videos – Short videos that share industry tips and tricks, trials and tribulations, discussions on building great teams and even the best of the best from their customer’s own submissions.

mow more blog

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